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Keynote Conference Day 1:
Pablo Molinero (Ericsson, Product Manager, SDN and Policy Control)

"How virtualization and SDN are changing the world"

Abstract:Computer virtualization and Software Defined Network started as small University projects 20 and 10 years ago respectively. Today they are changing the whole IT and Telco industries. This talk will extract some lessons from this trend towards virtualization and will identify some consequences to the way we develop new things. It will also describe how SDN will be used to program the network according to the application needs. It will finalize describing some use cases for service chaining and virtual gateways.

Biography: Pablo Molinero obtained his Ph.D. at Stanford University with Prof. Nick McKeown, where he got acquainted with SDN and virtualization very early on. He currently works at Ericsson as Product Manager in the area of SDN, while simultaneously holding the title of Technical Expert in Policy Management and Traffic Inspection.  Pablo has held various Product Management positions at Ericsson and NetSpira Networks in the areas of Cloud Acceleration, CDN, DPI and Policy. He holds different degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Universities of Stanford, Politécnica-Madrid, Télécom ParisTech and UNED-Madrid.

Session A1: Crowdsourcing & Social Networks


  • "On task assignment for real-time reliable crowdsourcing".

    Ioannis Boutsis and Vana Kalogeraki.

  • "Towards Truthful Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsourcing with Dynamic Smartphones".

    Yanmin Zhu, Qian Zhang, Hongzi Zhu, Jiadi Yu, Jian Cao, Lionel M. Ni.

  • "Community-based Identity Validation on Online Social Networks".

      Leila Bahri, Barbara Carminati and Elena Ferrari.

  • "Efficient Data Forwarding in Mobile Social Networks with Diverse Connectivity Characteristics".

    Xiaomei Zhang and Guohong Cao.


Session B1: Energy Efficiency


  • "Modeling WiFi Active Power/Energy Consumption in Smartphones".

    Li Sun, Ramanujan K. Sheshadri, Wei Zheng and Dimitrios Koutsonikolas.

  • "Fuel Cell Generation in Geo-Distributed Cloud Services: A Quantitative Study".

    Zhi Zhou, Fangming Liu, Bo Li, Baochun Li, Hai Jin, Ruolan Zou and Zhiyong Liu.

  • "Optimal Energy Cost for Strongly Stable Multi-hop Green Cellular Networks".

    Weixian Liao, Ming Li, Sergio Salinas, Pan Li and Miao Pan.

  • "Thermal Modeling for a HVAC Controlled Real-life Auditorium".

    Yong Fu, Mo Sha, Chengjie Wu, Andrew Kutta, Anna Leavey, Chenyang Lu, Humberto Gonzalez, Weining Wang, Bill Drake, Yixin Chen, Pratim Biswas.


Session A2: Big Data & Data Management


  • "Exploring the Use of Diverse Replicas for Big Location Tracking Data".

    Ye Ding, Haoyu Tan, Wuman Luo and Lionel M. Ni.

  • "WOHA: Deadline-Aware Map-Reduce Workflow Scheduling Framework over Hadoop Cluster".

    Shen Li, Shaohan Hu, Shiguang Wang, Lu Su, Tarek Abdelzaher, Indranil Gupta and Richard Pace.

  • "STI-BT: A Scalable Transactional Index".

    Nuno Diegues and Paolo Romano.


Session B2: Mobile and Automotive networks


  • "SOR: An Objective Ranking System Based on Mobile Phone Sensing".

    Xiang Sheng, Jian Tang, Jing Wang, Chenfei Gao, Guoliang Xue.

  • "The tempo-spatial information dissemination properties of mobile opportunistic networks with Levy mobility".

    Shengling Wang, Xia Wang, Xiuzhen Cheng, Jianhui Huang, Rongfang Bie.

  • "Cooperative and Efficient Real-time Scheduling for Automotive Communications".

    Yu Hua, Lei Rao, Xue Liu and Dan Feng.


Session A3: Big Data


  • "Adaptive Partitioning of Large-Scale Dynamic Graphs".

    Luis M. Vaquero, Felix Cuadrado, Dionysios Logothetis, Claudio Martella.

  • "Sim-watchdog: leveraging temporal similarity for anomaly detection in dynamic graphs".

    Guanhua Yan and Stephan Eidenbenz.

  • "On Limits of Travel Time Predictions: Insights from a New York City Case Study".

     Raghu Ganti, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Tarek Abdelzaher.

  • "Learning from the Past: Intelligent On-Line Weather Monitoring based on Matrix Completion".

    Kun Xie, Lele Wang, Xin Wang, Jigang Wen and Gaogang Xie.


Session B3: Privacy


  • "e-PPI: Locator Service in Information Networks with Personalized Privacy Preservation".

    Yuzhe Tang, Ling Liu, Arun Iyengar, Kisung Lee and Qi Zhang.

  • "Enabling Privacy-preserving Image-centric Social Discovery".

    Xingliang Yuan, Xinyu Wang, Cong Wang, Anna Squicciarini and Kui Ren.

  • "Providing Efficient Privacy-Aware Incentives for Mobile Sensing".

    Qinghua Li and Guohong Cao.

  • “No NAT’d User left Behind: Fingerprinting Users behind NAT from NetFlow Records alone".

    Nino Vincenzo Verde, Giuseppe Ateniese, Emanuele Gabrielli, Luigi Vincenzo Mancini and Angelo Spognardi.


Keynote Conference Day 2:

Daniel M. Dias (Director of Cloud Innovation Technologies  at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) 

"Cloud 3.0: Industry Transformation on the Cloud"

Abstract: The first phase of cloud was focussed on cost and capex reduction; the second phase is on agility and cloud DevOps; the emerging third phase is about cloud becoming the business innovation platform and the home of industry transforming solutions.  A key underlying trend is that much of the newly generated data is born or lives on the cloud.  Consequently, emerging high value workloads generate business insights by linking data from a variety of sources, particularly from Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement, at cloud scale and speed; we call these Systems of Insight.  We describe several such cloud-based Systems of Insight including genomics, social intelligence and Internet-of-things solutions and describe a cloud platform for supporting these and other emerging industry solutions.  These solutions and workloads have impact on cloud data center design because they lead to high "east-west" traffic within the data center, as opposed to "north-south" traffic between clients and the data center; we describe how dynamically composable systems can efficiently host such workloads with varying memory, network and storage requirements.  As sensitive workloads and data migrate to the cloud, security and compliance become paramount, and we outline how this can be addressed with adaptive, contextual security.  Finally, we outline the research issues that need to be addressed to realize the full potential of industry transformation on the cloud.

Biography: Dr. Daniel M. Dias is the director of cloud innovation technologies, at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York. He is responsible for world-wide research related to IBM’s cloud service offerings, including enterprise-grade, highly scalable and available public, private and hybrid clouds, cloud applications services and industry solutions.
For more than three decades, Dr. Dias has led pioneering research in scalable commercial computing systems, and he has been director of research labs and teams on three continents. Previously, he was founding director of IBM Research - Brazil, and director of the IBM India Research Lab. Earlier, he was director of Service Product Technologies, at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York, with responsibility for leading world-wide research in technologies for advanced service products, including service management, mobile computing and management, and SOA technologies. Dan previously led the internet infrastructure and computing utilities department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, where he and his team built one of the first scalable and highly available Web servers, with key patents and papers, forming the basis for IBM offerings and products in this area.
Dr. Dias is co-inventor on more than 50 issued US patents, and co-author of more than 90 refereed publications. He received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, both in Electrical Engineering.  He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a Fellow of the IEEE, where he was recognized for his contributions to Scalable Commercial Systems.

Session A4: Cloud Data Centers (I)


  • "OpenSample: A Low-latency, Sampling-based Measurement Platform for SDN".

    Junho Suh, Taekyoung Kwon, Colin Dixon, Wes Felter and John Carter.

  • "Scalable Traffic-Aware Virtual Machine Management for Cloud Data Centers".

    Fung Po Tso, Konstantinos Oikonomou, Eleni Kavvadia, Dimitrios P. Pezaros.

  • "Energy-Efficient Flow Scheduling and Routing with Hard Deadlines in Data Center Networks".

    Lin Wang, Fa Zhang, Kai Zheng, Athanasios V. Vasilakos, Shaolei Ren and Zhiyong Liu.

  • "Bandwidth Guarantee under Demand Uncertainty in Multi-tenant Clouds".

    Lei Yu and Haiying Shen.


Session B4: P2P


  • "Measuring and Evaluating Live Content Consistency in a Large-Scale CDN".

    Guoxin Liu, Haiying Shen, Harrison Chandler and Jin Li.

  • "MOLStream: A Modular Rapid Development and Evaluation Framework for Live P2P Streaming".

    Roy Friedman, Alex Libov and Ymir Vigfusson.

  • "Polystyrene: The Decentralized Data Shape that Never Dies".

    Simon Bouget, Hoel Kervadec, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, François Taïani.

  • "An Interest-based Per-Community P2P Hierarchical Structure for Short Video Sharing on YouTube".

    Haiying Shen, Yuhua Lin and Harrison Chandler.


Session A5: Cloud Data Centers (II)


  • "Two-Party Fine-Grained Assured Deletion of Outsourced Data in Cloud Systems".

     Zhen Mo, Yan Qiao and Shigang Chen.

  • "Towards Online, Accurate, and Scalable QoS Prediction for Runtime Service Adaptation".

    Jieming Zhu, Pinjia He, Zibin Zheng and Michael R. Lyu.

  • "Columbus: Configuration Discovery for Clouds".

    Rahul Balani, Deepak Jeswani, Dipyaman Banerjee and Akshat Verma.


Session B5: Theory (I)


  • "Counting in Anonymous Dynamic Networks under Worst Case Adversary".

    Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna, Roberto Baldoni, Silvia Bonomi and Ioannis Chatzigiannakis.

  • "The LevelArray: A Fast, Practical Long-Lived Renaming Algorithm".

    Dan Alistarh, Justin Kopinsky, Alex Matveev and Nir Shavit.

  • "Deterministic Blind Rendezvous in Cognitive Radio Networks".

    Sixia Chen, Alexander Russell, Abhishek Samanta and Ravi Sundaram.


Session A6: OS & Fault-tolerance


  • "Rethinking State-Machine Replication for Parallelism".

    Parisa Jalili Marandi, Carlos Eduardo Bezerra, Fernando Pedone.

  • "Propeller: A Scalable Real-Time File-Search Service in Distribute Systems".

    Lei Xu, Hong Jiang, Lei Tian and Ziling Huang.

  • "Compiler Driven Automatic Kernel Context Migration for Heterogeneous Computing".

    Ramy Gad, Tim Süß, André Brinkmann.


Session B6: Wireless networks (I)


  • "BOND: Exploring Hidden Bottleneck Nodes in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks". Qiang Ma, Kebin Liu, Tong Zhu, Wei Gong, Yunhao Liu.

  • "Enhancing Visibility of Network Performance in Large-scale Sensor Networks".

    Xiaoxu Li, Qiang Ma, Zhichao Cao, Kebin Liu and Yunhao Liu.

  • "Domo: Passive Per-Packet Delay Tomography in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks".

    Yi Gao, Wei Dong, Chun Chen, Jiajun Bu, Tianyu Chen, Mingyuan Xia, Xue Liu, Xianghua Xu.


Session A7: Green Computing


  • "Energy Efficient HVAC System with Distributed Sensing and Control".

    Cheng Li, Zhenjiang Li, Mo Li, Forrest Meggers, Arno Schlueter and Lim Hock Beng.

  • "SCAPE: Safe Charging with Adjustable PowEr".

    Haipeng Dai, Yunhuai Liu, Guihai Chen, Xiaobing Wu and Tian He.

  • "Building Green Cloud Services at Low Cost".

    Josep Lluí­s Berral, Íñigo Goiri, Thu D Nguyen, Ricard Gavaldà, Jordi Torres and Ricardo Bianchini.


Session B7: Theory  (II)


  • "Almost Optimal Channel Access in Multi-Hop Networks With Unknown Channel Variables ".

    Yaqin Zhou, Qiuyuan Huang, Fan Li, Xiang-Yang Li, Min Liu, Zhongcheng Li, Zhiyuan Yin.

  • "Shared-Memory Buffer Management for Heterogeneous Packet Processing".

    Patrick Eugster, Kirill Kogan, Sergey Nikolenko and Alexander Sirotkin.

  • "Robust Network Tomography in the Presence of Failures".

    Srikar Tati, Simone Silvestri, Ting He and Thomas La Porta.


Session A8: Cloud Storage


  • "Client-centric Benchmarking of Eventual Consistency for Cloud Storage Systems".

    Wojciech Golab, Muntasir Raihan Rahman, Alvin Auyoung, Kimberly Keeton and Indranil Gupta.

  • "MicroFuge: A Middleware Approach to Providing Performance Isolation in Cloud Storage Systems".

    Akshay Singh, Xu Cui, Benjamin Cassell, Bernard Wong and Khuzaima Daudjee.

  • "S4D-Cache: Smart Selective SSD Cache for Parallel I/O Systems".

    Shuibing He, Xian-He Sun and Bo Feng.

  • "Will They Blend?: Exploring Big Data Computation atop Traditional HPC NAS Storage".

     Ellis Wilson, Mahmut Kandemir and Garth Gibson.


Session B8: CEP and PubSub


  • "T-Storm: Traffic-aware Online Scheduling in Storm".

    Jielong Xu, Zhenhua Chen, Jian Tang and Sen Su.

  • "Ajira: A Lightweight Distributed Middleware for MapReduce and Stream Processing".

    Jacopo Urbani, Alessandro Margara, Ceriel Jacobs, Spyros Voulgaris and Henri Bal.

  • "Cost-Effective Resource Allocation for Deploying Pub/Sub on Cloud".

    Vinay Setty, Roman Vitenberg, Gunnar Kreitz, Guido Urdaneta and Maarten Van Steen.

  • "Elastic Scaling of a High-Throughput Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Engine".

    Raphaël Barazzutti, Thomas Heinze, André Martin, Emanuel Onica, Pascal Felber, Christof Fetzer, Zbigniew Jerzak, Marcelo Pasin, Etienne Rivière.


Session A9: Wireless networks (II)


  • "TiM: Fine-Grained Rate Adaptation in WLANs".

    Guanhua Wang, Shanfeng Zhang, Kaishun Wu, Qian Zhang, Lionel M. Ni

  • "NomLoc: Calibration-free Indoor Localization With Nomadic Access Points".

    Jiang Xiao, Youwen Yi, Lu Wang, Haochao Li, Zimu Zhou, Kaishun Wu and Lionel M. Ni.

  • "Generic Composite Counting in RFID Systems".

    Haoxiang Liu, Wei Gong, Lei Chen, Wenbo He, Kebin Liu, Yunhao Liu.


Session B9: Theory (III)


  • "Competitive FIB Aggregation without Update Churn".

    Marcin Bienkowski, Nadi Sarrar, Stefan Schmid and Steve Uhlig.

  • "Achieving Absolutely Optimal Block Pipelining in Organized Network Coded Gossip".

    Majid Khabbazian and Di Niu.

  • "Lock-free Cuckoo Hashing".

    Nhan Nguyen and Philippas Tsigas.


Session A10: Security


  • "Enforcing Location and Time-based Access Control on Cloud-stored Data".

    Elli Androulaki, Claudio Soriente, Luka Malisa and Srdjan Capkun.

  • "Impact Analysis of Topology Poisoning Attacks on Economic Operation of the Smart Power Grid".

    Mohammad Rahman, Ehab Al-Shaer and Rajesh Kavasseri.

  • "Turret: A Platform for Automated Attack Finding in Unmodified Distributed System Implementations".

    Hyojeong Lee, Jeff Seibert, Md Endadul Hoque, Charles Killian and Cristina Nita-Rotaru.

  • "Incremental Deployment Strategies for Effective Detection and Prevention of BGP Origin Hijacks".

    Joseph Gersch, Daniel Massey and Christos Papadopoulos.



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