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Keynote Conference Day 1:
Pablo Molinero (Ericsson, Product Manager, SDN and Policy Control)

"How virtualization and SDN are changing the world"

Abstract: Computer virtualization and Software Defined Network started as small University projects 20 and 10 years ago respectively. Today they are changing the whole IT and Telco industries. This talk will extract some lessons from this trend towards virtualization and will identify some consequences to the way we develop new things. It will also describe how SDN will be used to program the network according to the application needs. It will finalize describing some use cases for service chaining and virtual gateways.

Biography: Pablo Molinero obtained his Ph.D. at Stanford University with Prof. Nick McKeown, where he got acquainted with SDN and virtualization very early on. He currently works at Ericsson as Product Manager in the area of SDN, while simultaneously holding the title of Technical Expert in Policy Management and Traffic Inspection.  Pablo has held various Product Management positions at Ericsson and NetSpira Networks in the areas of Cloud Acceleration, CDN, DPI and Policy. He holds different degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the Universities of Stanford, Politécnica-Madrid, Télécom ParisTech and UNED-Madrid.

Keynote Conference Day 2:

Daniel M. Dias (Director of Cloud Innovation Technologies  at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) 

"Cloud 3.0: Industry Transformation on the Cloud"

Abstract: The first phase of cloud was focussed on cost and capex reduction; the second phase is on agility and cloud DevOps; the emerging third phase is about cloud becoming the business innovation platform and the home of industry transforming solutions.  A key underlying trend is that much of the newly generated data is born or lives on the cloud.  Consequently, emerging high value workloads generate business insights by linking data from a variety of sources, particularly from Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement, at cloud scale and speed; we call these Systems of Insight.  We describe several such cloud-based Systems of Insight including genomics, social intelligence and Internet-of-things solutions and describe a cloud platform for supporting these and other emerging industry solutions.  These solutions and workloads have impact on cloud data center design because they lead to high "east-west" traffic within the data center, as opposed to "north-south" traffic between clients and the data center; we describe how dynamically composable systems can efficiently host such workloads with varying memory, network and storage requirements.  As sensitive workloads and data migrate to the cloud, security and compliance become paramount, and we outline how this can be addressed with adaptive, contextual security.  Finally, we outline the research issues that need to be addressed to realize the full potential of industry transformation on the cloud.

Biography: Dr. Daniel M. Dias is the director of cloud innovation technologies, at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York. He is responsible for world-wide research related to IBM’s cloud service offerings, including enterprise-grade, highly scalable and available public, private and hybrid clouds, cloud applications services and industry solutions.
For more than three decades, Dr. Dias has led pioneering research in scalable commercial computing systems, and he has been director of research labs and teams on three continents. Previously, he was founding director of IBM Research - Brazil, and director of the IBM India Research Lab. Earlier, he was director of Service Product Technologies, at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, New York, with responsibility for leading world-wide research in technologies for advanced service products, including service management, mobile computing and management, and SOA technologies. Dan previously led the internet infrastructure and computing utilities department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, where he and his team built one of the first scalable and highly available Web servers, with key patents and papers, forming the basis for IBM offerings and products in this area.
Dr. Dias is co-inventor on more than 50 issued US patents, and co-author of more than 90 refereed publications. He received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, both in Electrical Engineering.  He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a Fellow of the IEEE, where he was recognized for his contributions to Scalable Commercial Systems.

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